Raid Shadow Legends Blind Seer Build – Artifacts & Masteries Guide

Blind Seer is a legendary support champion from dark elves faction.

Blind Seer
Blind Seer


FACTION: Dark Elves
RARITY: Legendary
ROLE: Support

Raid Shadow Legends Blind Seer Skills

Leadership Aura Skill –Increases Ally DEF in Dungeons by 42%.

Skill 1 –Visions of Death

Attacks 3 times at random. Each hit has a 30% chance of decreasing the Turn Meter by 15%.
Level: 2 Damage +5%
Level: 3 Damage +10%
Level: 4 Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Level: 5 Buff/Debuff Chance +5%

Skill 2 – Dark Shroud (CD: 5 turns)

Places a [Shield] buff and a [Block Debuffs] buff on all allies for 2 turns. The shield is proportional to this Champion’s MAX HP.
Level: 2 Shield +5%
Level: 3 Shield +5%
Level: 4 Shield +5%
Level: 5 Cooldown -1

Skill 3 -Self Sacrifice (CD: 7 turns)

Revives all dead allies to 35% HP. Places a [Block Damage] buff on all allies except this Champion for 1 turn. This Champion will receive damage equal to 25% of their MAX HP. This will happen even if it kills this Champion.
Level: 2 Heal +5%
Level: 3 Heal +5%
Level: 4 Heal +5%
Level: 5 Cooldown -1

Raid Shadow Legends Blind Seer Artifacts Guide

Option 1 – 2 Set HP+ 1 Set of Speed

Boot –SPD

Chestplate – HP%

Gaunlet – HP%

Substat – Focus on SPD, HP

Raid Shadow Legends Blind Seer Masteries Guide

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