Raid Shadow Legends Doompriest Build – Artifacts & Mastery Guide

Doompriest is very good support partner that does a perfect job with her 3rd skill by removing the debuff and healing all allies. She is an epic support champion from force affinity. Let’s see what artifacts should we focus on her.


FACTION: Knight Revenant
ROLE: Support

Raid Shadow Legends Doompriest Skills

Leadership Aura Skill – Increase All Force Champion spd by 15%.

Skill 1 – Fate Weave

Attack an Enemy, if the attack is a Crit, then place a 15% crit increase buff on a random ally for 2 rounds.

Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +10%

Skill 2 – Mass Possession ( CD – 4 turns )

Place a 50% ATK increase buff on all Allies for 2 rounds.

Level 2: Cooldown -1

Skill 3 – Bolster (Passive skill)

Heal all allies with 7.5% of their Max Hp and also remove a random debuff from them at the start of this champion round.

Raid Shadow Legends Doompriest Artifacts Build

Since her Role is as a Support for your team. you must focus on SPD, HP, and DEF. you can use as ATK partner also in that case focus on SPD, ATK, HP.

Option 1  – 2 Set of SPD + 1 Set of HP

Boot – SPD

Chestplate – DEF%/HP%

Gaunlet – HP%

Substat – Focus on SPD, HP, DEF

Option 2  – 2 Set of SPD + 1 Set of HP

Boot – SPD

Chestplate – DEF%/HP%

Gaunlet – HP%

Substat – Focus on SPD, HP, DEF

Doompriest Artifacts Guide

if you are focusing on ATK and SPD then focus on offense and Support tree. or else defense and Support. More Detailed guide coming soon.

Note: If you Don't see the Artifact or Masteries Suggestion of your Champion then please comment below we will update as soon as possible. there are lots of champion in raid shadow and its taking time to analyze them. We will update all champion as soon as possible. if you want to contribute some guide please visit this page. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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